Using ChatGPT to Write Job Descriptions

By Diana Neelman

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence ("AI") chatbot and can be used in countless situations. It is a powerful tool that has garnered a great deal of press and interest since its release in late 2022.

Human Resources professionals may see this tool as a way to reduce time and effort when writing job descriptions. As with much AI, this tool cannot always replace human intelligence. Job descriptions can be highly specific to each organization, and care needs to be exercised in order to identify and document responsibilities of positions as they relate to the company's intention for the role. In an era where trust is a key aspect of employee engagement, exercising diligence in writing job descriptions will support numerous aspects of HR administration, including:

  • Identifying core duties and responsibilities in job postings so that applicants may obtain the true duties and responsibilities of the role for which they are applying.
  • Providing specificity so that aspects of the job that may not be typical in the marketplace are appropriately identified.
  • Identifying factors that support the culture and philosophy of the organization, such as competencies, KSAs, etc.

While ChatGPT may appear to be a quick solution to writing job descriptions, it may only provide a starting point from which human intelligence may begin!