Survey List

Reports compensation data and information on recruiting and hiring trends for new and recent college graduates. Data reported by revenue, company type, industry and region.
In partnership with the Christian Leadership Alliance, reports salary and bonus data for leadership and staff positions among Christian-based industrial classifications, along with compensation and benefits program information including insurance coverage, turnover, work – life, etc.
Compensation Resources conducted a comprehensive survey, in partnership with Lee Hecht Harrison, to collect feedback on severance benefits. Our survey provides key insights into best practices, with key benchmarks on eligibility, duration and benefits so you can see how your organization stacks up in today’s competitive environment for the best talent.
The purpose of this white paper was to gather information
about what companies are doing in key compensation areas in response to COVID‐19.
2021-2022 ASBP Survey Cover

2021-2022 Annual Salary Budget Planning Survey

Reports data relative to merit increases, structure movement, short- and long-term incentives (LTIs), and compensation package mix.  Represents data from a broad range of company types and industries.
Targeted specifically to not-for-profit organizations, reports compensation data for a broad range of positions, along with the prevalence of various programs and practices related to compensation and benefits, such as variable pay, performance management, and supplemental benefits.