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Consultants’ Bios

Public Works and Utilities Compensation


Compensation Resources, Inc. (CRI) has experience working with public utilities in all matters relating to compensation. We have worked with gas and electric utilities, water authorities, telephone/communication companies and other municipal services.

Gas and Electric Utilities: We will work with investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, rural cooperatives and government entities. We have experience working in generation, transmission and distribution services as well. Our compensation analysis theory works with regulated and unregulated utility businesses.

Green Power Generation:  We can help your small business or start-up in the design and development of appropriate pay programs that are competitive and practical.

Water Utilities:  In this market, prices are typically fixed by public utility commissions. We can help you control your fixed costs and build efficiency in your operations by ensuring that your pay programs are competitive and appropriate in today’s market.

Telecommunications:  CRI has experience working with telecom, cable, wireline and wireless communication companies of all sizes. Our experts can help identify your issues and work collaboratively and creatively to form solutions to your incentive compensation or performance management needs.

We are available to answer any questions you may have and to provide the necessary support to your organization. Please contact:

Paul R. Dorf, APD
Chairman, Managing Director
877-934-0505 x111