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Financial Services Compensation


Financial services has moved to center stage as the “bad boy” industry that is the lightning rod for new regulations aimed at controlling excessive executive compensation.  These regulations are not consistent across the industry, with smaller financial services institutions only being partially affected.  However, all banks are having to totally rethink how they will operate within the restrictive new rules, while still competing for top talent in a difficult labor market.

There has never been a greater focus on compensation practices and policies than what we have recently seen in the financial services sector.  “Say on pay,” “Clawbacks” and “pay for performance” are just a few of the phrases being overheard in the boardrooms and in proxy filings at virtually all financial services companies today.

Since 1989, Compensation Resources has been assisting clients in the financial services industry with all facets of their compensation needs.  As a truly independent compensation consultant, we work only in the area of compensation, pay and performance.  We provide no other services that may give the appearance of a conflict.  When working on executive compensation, we are engaged by the compensation committee of the board of directors.

This independence gives your company the knowledge and comfort that our interests are aligned with yours.  We can assist with base salaries, annual incentives and long-term incentive plans.  We work with boards of directors in drafting an appropriate and meaningful compensation discussion & analysis (CD&A) for filing in the annual proxy statement.

As with all industries, our work in the financial services iIndustry represents what is considered to be the “best practices” in the area of compensation.

We are available to answer any questions you may have and to provide the necessary support to your organization.  Please contact or call us directly to speak with our compensation consultants at 877-934-0505.