The Evolving Landscape of the Retail Industry – Effects of Covid-19

Coronavirus cases continue to spike, companies may find it necessary to revisit how to utilize and compensate retail workers. 

In Memory of Paul R. Dorf

I am deeply saddened to inform you that Paul passed away on July 15th in a North Carolina hospital from a stroke. Paul w [...]

2020 Salary Increases

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing in the U.S., it is no surprise that many companies have had to reevaluate their 20 [...]

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WE create programs that are bold and imaginative, yet practical

image1Base Pay Administration

Provides a formalized process for balancing internal equity and external competitiveness.

icon2Executive Compensation

Creating competitive, well-designed executive compensation packages provides a company with the means by which to motivate effective executive performance.

icon-3Market Pricing / Salary Data

Compensation Resource’s on-site library contains thousands of high-quality surveys, and have access to numerous subscription services.


A well-designed sales compensation package will enable a company to focus its sales activities on desired results.

icon5Litigation Support

CR’s extensive compensation experience, which extends to numerous industries, provides a strong foundation upon which to build compensation analyses for both plaintiff and defendant litigation matters.

icon6Performance Management

Enhance overall compensation initiatives with strong performance management processes, including effective evaluation forms and sustainable communication strategy.

Compensation Resources, Inc. - Compensation and Human Resources Consultants

WE specialize in providing comprehensive Compensation and Human Resource consulting services


Since its inception in 1989, Compensation Resources has served emerging and midsized corporations, as well as Fortune 500 corporations with creative and pragmatic solutions to meet a variety of business needs. The programs we develop often have as their overriding goal the need to attract, retain and reward outstanding talent. Combining a commitment to practical approaches with a dedication to quality, CR has earned a reputation for providing sound business advice to its clients with creativity, resourcefulness and professional accountability in all areas of service. Click here to read our corporate brochure. 

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WE PROVIDE customized and comprehensive training programs


CR’s Training Institute provides customized and comprehensive training programs in compensation and related human resources areas to help you manage your compensation plans and processes. Our training professionals can provide you with appropriate guidance and education to help your company achieve its compensation objectives and business strategy.


2020 Salary Survey of College Graduates and Interns

2019 Compensation Survey of Not-for-Profit Organizations

2019-2020 Annual Salary Budget Planning Survey

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