A worthwhile New Year’s resolution would be to set realistic 2017 business expectations and communicate them to all employees.  Everyone wants to know in advance what is expected and how their performance will be evaluated.

Consider it to be crunch time, since this should have been handled in the fall; however, if you haven’t already set objectives, it’s not too late to establish your 2017 goals and make sure everyone is informed.

The following four (4) rules should be considered:

  • 1st Rule – The performance measure(s) must be consistent with the organization’s business plan and an integral part of its strategic goals.
  • 2nd Rule – The goal must be a stretch, potentially not achievable without the motivation provided by the plan, and worth paying for.
  • 3rd Rule – It must be within the employee’s ability to achieve the desired results, by exercising focused effort and hard work, over and above their normal activities.
  • 4th Rule – The company must be able to assign accountability for results to specific employees or business units.