By: Andrew Sellers, CRI

Compensation Resources, Inc. (CRI) and Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) have released their 2012 Compensation Survey Report for Christian Organizations.  This is an annual study specifically designed to provide important compensation data for use by Christian-based organizations, specific to Not-For-Profits, Ministries, and Churches.  Along with salary and bonus data on 119 jobs, the survey also captured benefit information including insurance coverage, paid time off, retirement plans, turnover, work – life, etc.

The data is separated into the following 8 industrial classifications covering Christian-based organizations:

Broadcast / Media Professional Service
Church Rescue Mission
Mission Agency / Outreach Social Service
Parachurch Organization Other

In addition, the survey data is reported for each position by revenue, employee size, entity, and region.  Various statistical measures are reported, such as the average, median, and percentile data for each position.

A key finding is that there is a heavy reliance (more than 90.0% of participants) on the use of published surveys for establishing the market value for their jobs.  Merit increases during 2012 to management positions averaged 2.3%.  It is interesting to note that all respondents provide health insurance, with PPO (65.9%) being the plan of choice.

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