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Compensation Resources, Inc. (CRI) provides professional Litigation Support, Expert Witness services covering areas of Compensation & related Human Resource Issues, including the following:

  • Reasonableness of Compensation (private and public companies)
  • Earnings Potential
  • Equitable Distribution Issues
  • Employment and Change-of-Control Agreements 
  • Job Availability and Competitive Market Value of Positions
  • Discriminatory Compensation Practices
  • Minority Shareholder Complaints
  • Compensation Violations relative to Government Contractors
  • Intermediate Sanctions

Litigation Support activities are conducted in an objective, thorough manner, with a view to providing defensible findings.  The CRI  team is led by Paul R. Dorf, APD, a qualified Expert Witness in the field of Compensation.  Paul possesses over thirty years of Compensation and Human Resource-related experience as both a corporate executive and the head of major compensation consulting practices.

A representative list of our Expert Witness engagements is presented below:

  • IRS audit of reasonableness of Executive Compensation
  • Earning Potential of spouse in a marital dissolution
  • Minority shareholder inquiry into reasonableness of Owner Compensation
  • Compliance of Deferred Compensation arrangements
  • EEOC compliance determination
  • Validity of third-party Market Study findings
  • Lost opportunity relative to wrongful discharge 

How We Can Help:

Compensation Resources, Inc.will assess the engagement, conduct thorough research and data analysis, and present valid, objective, defensible findings.  The Expert Witness service we provide is based on extensive experience,  in-depth industry knowledge, and ethical disposition of services. 




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