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FastTrack Sales Compensation

The key to most companies’ success is the effectiveness of its sales force, while the crucial ingredient is often the efficiency of its Sales Compensation Plans (SCP).  Not every organization has the time or resources to conduct a detailed and formal sales compensation plan analysis; however, they still need to develop an effective incentive plan that will drive desired sales results.  To this end, CRI has developed a quick and low-cost approach that offers proven results for the small company situation and those with small sales forces.

Our FastTrack Approach provides a custom tailored SCP that will: (1) allow you to attract qualified sales people; (2) provide financial motivation to drive desired results; (3) offer flexibility to meet changing business needs; (4) be easy to track results and calculate awards; (5) provide a financial Win/Win for both your Company and your sales force.

Our tailored approach will provide you with the most cost-effective and expeditious method to quickly develop an appropriate SCP solution that is specific to your needs, administrative capabilities, and business objectives.

  • Step 1 - Gather background data about your company and needs
  • Step 2 - Prepare a detail meeting agenda
  • Step 3 - Conduct the FastTrack Approach session
  •  Step 4 - Prepare a draft SCP summary
  • Step 5 - Plan Modeling
  • Step 6 - Finalize the SCP 
  • Step 7 - Prepare a report of findings and recommendations  

FastTrack Approach Deliverables  

    • List of information to be reviewed
    • Agenda for the FastTrack Approach session
    • Sales Compensation Philosophy
    • SCP modeling analysis
    • Draft SCP summary
    • Final SCP summary
    • Report of observations and additional recommendations 
    • Implementation guidance

To find out more on how Compensation Resources, Inc. can help your company with the development of a new FastTrack Sales Compensation Plan please contact Paul Dorf (ext. 111) or Harry Schum (ext. 170)  at 877-934-0505. 





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