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Banking Compensation

While regulations play a major role in the way they operate, all banks still need to attract and retain the right talent to continue to drive their profitable growth.  Executive Compensation, and the pay arrangements covering producers, including lenders, traders, trust officers and others, have come under greatly increased regulatory watch.  The lessons learned by all banks is that well-structured compensation plans at all levels can help to align their interests with those of shareholders, the public and the media, through a mechanism that ties pay to performance while remaining compliant with the new regulations.  Compensation programs that include relevant performance metrics plus appropriate checks and balances, will allow banks to provide competitive rewards that are commensurate with performance achieved, justify its pay actions, and provide the Board of Directors with a comfort level covering their compensation decision-making process.

Compensation Resources, Inc. (CRI) has extensive experience working within the banking industry, including commercial, retail, community, and investment banks, to design a variety of compensation programs, specializing in the following areas:

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